Former Hospital Site Demolition and Remediation

The town is committed to safely deconstructing the former hospital and Helen Lawson building. As such, a Demolition Strategy was developed to guide the process. The overall demolition and site remediation will take approximately 12 months to complete. The development of the new community centre will begin in late 2018 with an opening scheduled for fall 2020.

Update – August 2017

The town has awarded the Former Hospital Site demolition contract to Delsan-AIM, a company highly skilled and experienced at demolitions of this size in urban settings.

Starting August 8, the contractor will begin mobilizing on site and we wanted to give you an update what you can expect over the next two weeks.

  • Minimal noise and dust
  • Flatbed trucks delivering the site office trailer and materials, and other heavy equipment
  • Construction workers entering and leaving site
  • Set up of the site office trailer
  • Installation of a three metre (just under 10 feet) solid wood fence
  • Minimal demolition work

Please note: The site is now a demolition/construction zone and will remain closed to the public.

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Overall project timeline

A timeline for the entire project is available on the Former Hospital Site Project timeline page.


A map of the demolition site is available on the Former Hospital Site map page.

Demolition Strategy

On April 3, 2017 Council approved the Former Hospital Deconstruction Strategy — a comprehensive plan to safely demolish the former hospital and Helen Lawson buildings.

The overall demolition and remediation plan includes an abatement strategy for designated substances found in the buildings and on site, as well as best management practices the town will use to address community concerns over site maintenance, dust, noise, vibration and truck traffic during the demolition process.

In response to recent public feedback at the Administrative Services Committee (ASC) meeting on March 27, 2017, Council approved recommendations by ASC for additional mitigation measures including using broadband (quieter) backup alarms on trucks instead of backup beepers, and avoiding crushing or other noisy work on Saturdays.