Learn to be coyote wise

Wildlife and Coyote Virtual Public Meetings Wednesday, June 17 and Thursday, June 25 6:30-8:30 p.m 

Coyotes tend to be more visible during the spring – more sightings, more interactions with dogs, more shadowing (or following) people. The reason is it is denning and pupping season, the time of year when coyotes are both more active around, and protective of, their den sites.

Most negative coyote and other wildlife interactions can be prevented by following a few proven steps. Do not intentionally feed wildlife. Remove food sources from your yard. Keep your dog on a short leash when out for a walk, and monitor your dog when out in the yard. If you know a coyote has been seen in your area, consider changing your walk schedule or route temporarily.

You can also report details of your coyote sighting online using the coyote reporting form on oakville.ca. This helps us learn what areas the coyotes are frequenting and if further investigations are required.

Join one of our wildlife and coyote virtual meetings to learn how you can be coyote wise. Send an email to enforcement@oakville.ca indicating your preferred meeting date. We’ll send you details on how to log in to participate. 
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