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Coming soon to Oakville: 46 electric vehicle charging stations

Oakville is creating a community-wide network of electric vehicle charging stations to encourage more people to use electric vehicles and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This initiative is made possible through funding of $220,000 from the Government of Canada’s Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program.

Oakville has one of the highest electric vehicle (EV) ownerships per capita in Ontario, however research shows that ‘range anxiety’ – the concern of where to find EV chargers – remains a key barrier for people who are interested in purchasing EVs.

The town received funding to support 22 dual charging stations, totaling 44 EV parking spaces. Council approved an additional dual station to be installed at the new Oakville Trafalgar Community Centre, expected to open this fall, bringing the total to 46 chargers. The network of EV charger locations was selected based on proximity to main streets, shopping areas and recreation facilities. Learn more